When everybody knows what to do.

TeamUltim is a web app for shift planning, which turns the routine into a breeze. It perfectly fits the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Manage staff, man-hours, schedules with ease.

No app download required - signup and go!

Made for the busy ones among us.

Invest your time into the growth of your business – we will take care of the routine.

Easy to use

If you can click through a calendar then you already know how to use TeamUltim. It probably can’t get easier than that.


Fast app is a thing, when you are constantly on the run. This app won’t lose your time - it will rather save it.


No complicated forms to fill, no unnecessary data to struggle through. Optimized for performance.

Save time and costs.

Special Offer for Early Adopters

Open your business account now and use the full version of the app for the next 6 months at no charge!

No credit card required.
Cancelable anytime.