When everybody knows what to do.

TeamUltim is a web app for employee planning for small and medium-sized businesses. It is practical, fast and easy to use.

TeamUltim fits many different types of businesses.

Cafés & Backeries

Restaurants & Hospitality


Sport & Education

Goes with every device. Smartphones included.

Start using instantly – no app download required!

You have the essential tools to assist you with planning.

In a word – it’s a calendar. A smart one.

Precisely because it it made to help with business planning, it can a bit more than what a calendar can.
You have multiple locations? Check. You have different teams at every location? Check. TeamUltim is about being helpful with such details.

You have a bird-eye view as well as detailed day view. You have location management tools for regular hours and special schedules. Absence management. Shift swaps. Notifications. And we are just starting out, really.

Employee account – always free.

Business account – at no charge.

Open your free business account today and enjoy at least 6 more months of the full version of the app, no stress about it.

Already using a different app and not quite happy with it? Get in touch – we will happily help you to set up your account and move your data from the other app. At no charge.

No credit card required.
Cancelable anytime.