The helpful team calendar.

There is no need to plan your team operations in a spreadsheet. Neither on a napkin. Nor in your head.
As the master of your trade, you already know that every job requires its tool. We build one which is exactly right for the team planning.

Click or drag&drop

Add your shifts with just drag&drop – as easy, as you know it. Or you can just click the button and start planing.

Switch the view

Instantly switch between Location and Employee view – see the schedules from multiple perspectives.

Predefine your needs

Jump start every plan with predefined constraints (or helpers) for an employee – from preferred start and end times to minimum and maximum work time on a day, week or month basis (very handy for part-time staff).

Color coded

A big helper for busy schedules: colors, in the right place. Define a color for every employee to easily spot them in the schedule.

Track time as you type

Another instant helper – see how many man-hours are being assigned to the shift as you type. Or take a look at the planed shifts and see how much workforce is alreay planed.

Employee self-management

You can invite your team to use the calendar with you. And even help you plan the schedules, if you wish.

Absence leave management

Sick leave, training, vacations or just a private appointment – your team and the shift admins have the tools to make sure all planned absences are kept in sync with your business. The relevant days are marked separately.

Shift swaps

Your team can swap shifts easily and without much fuss about it – certainly, as long as you are d’accord with it.

No App download

TeamUltim is ready to go instantly – no app download is required. It also works with every device – from a PC to a tablet and a smartphone – and feels familiar from the get go.

Email notifications

All essential notifications – like schedule changes, invites, absences, shift swaps – are dispatched as emails to everybody involved. Auto-magically.

More is coming

We are working on bulk shift editing and templates. Location opening hours within a day or a night. Fine-tuned reports…
Start using the app today and help us prioritize the features you need most!

Employee account – always free.

Business account – at no charge.

Open your free business account today and enjoy at least 6 more months of the full version of the app, no stress about it.

Already using a different app and not quite happy with it? Get in touch – we will happily help you to set up your account and move your data from the other app. At no charge.

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Cancelable anytime.